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Sound credits:crank.wav

I am trying to make a plugin that will:

  1. add sounds to a gif
  2. present a gif as a ‘movie’ starting and stopping on a click.

I have seen a few plugins that ‘freeze’ a gif until clicked, they seem to generate a jpg from the the gif. The approach here is different, the purpose of those plugins seems to be to reduce pageload time for large gifs, this approach should increase load time.

19-07-2017 – Version 0.3 has dialogs

This is how this works.

  1. A shortcode [gifmovie gif='gif-url' mp3='mp3-url']eg: [gifmovie gif='http://38.media.tumblr.com/5704f412385f040cb6c7e232519867c7/tumblr_npstce4Hpp1rggurro1_500.gif' mp3='http://freesound.org/data/previews/157/157873_2836235-lq.mp3']
  2. The short code adds the gif with a class of gifmovie and an attribute of mp3
  3. Javascript then adds a canvas element, put a frame from the gif on and a play button, it hides the gif. Adds an audio element for the mp3. Clicking hide canvas, shows gif and play audio.

leave a comment or get in touch with me on twitter,c@johnjohnston if you want to give this  a shot.

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